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Submission Guidelines
  1. You may submit fiction, poetry, articles, or reviews
  2. Fiction: Please do not submit overly lengthy fiction. Stick to short stories under 5,000 words.
  3. Poetry: Please do not submit short, single poems. If you are submitting poetry, please submit a series, collection, or single poem of sufficient length to merit a full web page.
  4. Articles and reviews: Please do not submit articles or reviews that seek to endorse a product or a particular religion or spiritual path. Submissions should have a universal appeal that transcends a particular religion, spiritual discipline, philosophy, or creed.
  5. Please submit a brief biographical sketch including name, date of birth, occupation, and present location, along with contact information.
  6. Please submit a graphic image to go with the submission. This may be either a photo of yourself or an image that represents your submission. This can be submitted as an e-mail attachment, preferably in JPEG format.
How to Submit Your Article
Please email your article to  Be sure to include all the information requested in the Submission Guidelines above.